During our investigations, sometimes comical situations ensue. Enjoy some of the fun moments we find ourselves in.

1. Our team has made many visits to the USS Hornet. USS Hornet

The Haunted Air Freshener

On our first visit we were investigating the Admiral’s Bridge. As we were doing EVP sessions we kept hearing a strange psssst sort of sound. Several of the team started to look for the source of the sound. We continued to check and even our docent, Bill could not give an explanation of the sound.

Tammy, one of the group’s original founders started to zero in on the sound. It was toward the admiral’s bathroom and once she got into the shower area she found the source. It was one of those glade air freshener, one that was set to spray every few minutes.

Haunted Water Cooler

During a private overnight investigation the team decided to sleep in the Sick Bay. The bunks are located at the end of a hall way, the hatch opening into the sick bay with several rows of bunks filling the room. One of the bunks is against the back wall and in the right hand corner. It is said that a crew member with a serious head wound died in the bunk and many people have had up close and frightening encounters with him. My husband was sleeping in a bunk located adjacent to the main desk to the left of the door was you enter.

It was late, investigations general go on until one or two in the morning. I was lying in the bunk, I could see down the hall passed the operating and treatment room directly to the end of the passage way – where it intersects the hallway that exits sick bay. The red lights are left on all night long so that crew members can navigate within the ship.

Anyway, as I laid on the bunk, looking down the passage way, mind numb for being tired the dark and the red lights can play tricks on you. As I laid there, looking down the darkened red glow of the light I thought I saw something. I laid there trying to come up with some rational explanation the mind continued to deceive me. Finally, I could take it no more, I no it made no sense but I could see the outline of a body – hanging to the side of the hallway. I screamed, my husband turned on the flashlight and I had my explanation…..the water cooler.

I See The Light


During our investigation at the Hotel Ledger we had set up several infrared security cameras in the basement areas of the hotel. One room was being set up for wine tastings but the other had a gothic feel to it, like traveling back in time. We had set up our base monitoring in that room. In it’s hey day the hotel was the courthouse and was said to have had cells in those rooms.

It was around 2am in the morning and we hadn’t had much luck. Both Robert and Isaac were monitoring from the other room as the other team members were trying a seance to connect the spirits. It had been very hot that day and it continued even into the night. Everyone was tired and disappointed. As we sat in the dark waiting for something to happen a bright light streaked across the ceiling. Everyone perked up….”What was that?” “Did you see that?” After a few moments several another light came across the ceiling and then another and another. Everyone had the cameras out, clicking away. Then it came to me. I got up from my seat and walked toward the entrance of the room to a small hole in the wall where we had strung the cords for the cameras from the other room. “Robert, Isaac are you two up to no good?” All I heard from the other room was laughter. They were tired and wanted to go to their rooms so they set the flashing light to blinking and placed it on the hole in the wall.

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